All our babies, who will leave our house as pets, get early castrated upon completion of basic immunization between the 12th - 16th week of their life.

Early castration means castration BEFORE the first sexual maturity. Contrary to anecdotes and fairy tales this can already occur with the 4th – 5th month of life. For cat owners whose cats move around freely it is difficult to estimate the correct time for castration and, especially with female cats where the first signs of being in heat don’t get noticed, the young age animal brings home kittens. But also for domestic cats and tomcats late castration means stress, hormone poisoning (continuous heat cycle) and complicate the life of the owner’s with his four-legged friend.

The advantages of an early castration for cat and owner are summarized as follows:

  • No heat symptoms
  • No bad smelling markings
  • Less desire to stray
  • Fewer aggressions
  • Stronger relations with humans
  • Hardly any risk of hormonal deceases like cysts, breast tumor or inflammation of the uterus by the female cat as well as prostate cancer by the tomcat.
  • Doubled life expectancy
  • Clearly lesser risk of infection with FeLV (= Leucose) or FIV (= cat aids) through cessation of mating bites and tomcat fights.
  • No additions of unwanted kittens for whom one can find no home

There is much that speaks for castrating a cat already at 3 or 4 month, which in other countries has been practiced without problems since decades and which is making its way more and more also here. That many veterinarians still decline is based in first place on insufficient OP experience with animals of that age, for which especially the dosage of anesthetic must get adjusted to the body weight. Carried out by a knowledgeable veterinarian, the so called early castration has many advantages:

  • The operation is shorter
  • The anesthesia is shorter and less straining.
  • The operation is simpler as the gonads lay free and are not covered up with fatty tissue and thereby gives less complications/bleedings.
  • The animal is sooner fit.
  • The risk of uterus cancer as well as other types of cancer goes toward null if the animal never was in heat.
  • Your cat can not surprise you with her first pregnancy at an age of 5 or 6 months although someone assured you that this is not possible before 7 months…


You find a print version of this information in flier format as PDF file. – here.

With kind approval of CAT-CARE Tierhilfe Kassel E.V.

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